Legal officials in Australia are so determined to make sure that Flo Rida pays for damages he caused for not showing up at a festival, they hit him with a summons via Facebook. According to the Daily Telegraph, the country’s District Court allowed a promoter to subpoena the Miami rapper by way of social media. Isn’t technology awesome?

The case stems from last October when Flo Rida was a no-show for his headlining gig at the Fat as Butter festival in Newcastle, Australia. Event promoter Brent Lean took the rapper to court and won a judgment of $80,000 for damages. In addition, the judge threatened to freeze all of Flo Rida’s Australian assets if he didn’t respond to the court.

Since they haven’t heard from the ‘Good Feeling’ rapper, the District Court served Flo Rida with a “Substituted Service” order to his Facebook page. The digital message reads that Lean is “seeking damages for breach of contract” for “his non-appearance at the Fat as Butter festival in October 2011.” And click the “Like” button after you finish reading the summons (we are kidding, of course).

Furthermore, if Flo doesn’t respond within 28 days of the summons, a judgement will be added against him without further notice.

Lean’s attorney, Matthew Hourn, tells the newspaper it was the only way they could reach the rapper on this urgent legal matter. “Our process server tried arranging meetings with his (Flo Rida) agents and attended [his] appearances in Melbourne — but due to his large entourage and security, we were unable to serve him personally,” he said. “Sometimes you have to think outside the box in litigation.”

Apparently, Flo Rida is a heavy Facebook user so we can see how this can be an efficient tactic from a legal point of view. However, the ‘Wild Ones’ rapper probably isn’t pleased. Lean’s lawyer also told the paper that any delay could raise the request for restitution upwards to $100,000.

So we’re guessing that Flo Rida better send Lean’s attorneys a “poke” or else this case is going to get expensive.