Well they call it a fish of a 1000 casts..I am going to change that to the fish of 3000 casts. 

Steelhead fishing is a tough job, especially fly fishing for Steelhead. Idaho boasts some of the best Steelhead fishing. I'ts no secret and there are no secret fishing spots.

I was in Kooskia but you fish all around there but only really in that area so it does get congested.

We started off on Saturday morning, a rain filled day with no luck. Although I did have one on but something happened and he got off. We saw some major red though which is most likely a male Steelhead.

We got a good nights rest and were back at it bright and early Sunday. This time we decided to fish the South Fork, which resembles Rock Creek, and wade fish instead of doing it from a boat. No luck, the water was getting high and dirty. As we were leaving it was raining pretty good too so it may get worse today and tomorrow.

I will get a steelhead one day and when I do it will be glorious!