Every now and then, one of those REALLY catchy songs comes along here at KISS-FM and turns into part of Casper's brain wallpaper for the next few months - you just can't get it out of there, no matter how hard you try.  Currently, my money is on Fun's "We Are Young" to be the most recent heir to the stuck-in-the-head throne.  And the video might be just as interesting.

What starts out as a little slow-motion product placement around :40 turns into an out-and-out melee 10 seconds later, with broken bottles, milk-slaps, random flying bamboo plants, bar brawls, explosions, the ripping apart of stuffed horses...yeah, you'll just have to see for yourself.  Epic.

And, if you missed it, they and Janelle Monae teamed up for an acoustic version of the song too, that's pretty cool.  What do you think about Fun?