As a scratch disc jockey (DJ), I have seen and heard some pretty cool things being done with technology. I use digital turntables myself to scratch any music in a digital format (thank you Serato). But one guy has actually figured out how to scratch with cassettes tapes! Yes you read that right... good old fashioned cassettes.

If you're under 20 and have never seen one before they look like this:

DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media

I have to give it up to Jeremy Bell for his awesome invention. He calls it The Scrubboard. It's looks and sounds really cool, but it's kind of a step back in the grand scheme of things. Would it be fun to play with? Yes... but only if it was cheap and easy. With the all the tools out to scratch digitally (including a plethora of cheap phone apps), I doubt too many people would be willing to fork out large amounts of dough to purchase one.

Regardless... it made for an awesome YouTube video!