If you missed the debut episode of the Batman prequel Gotham, I highly suggest checking it out.

There were plenty of revelations whether you're a die-hard Dark Knight fan, an avid comic book collector or just an ordinary Joe that thought the show looked interesting. Being of the comic book geek team, I'm pretty sure I caught every single cameo appearance, of which there were many (younger versions of Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, The Riddler & The Penguin). Just about every early Batman villain, with the possible exception of The Joker, were shown in some form in this first episode and I already like how the writers are showing the depths of the history that brought them to their latter evil glory.

It also appears the events of this DC Universe follow along with the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy in at least some aspects. The mention of the Falcone Crime Family at least somewhat supports this theory.

Although the show seems to primarily follow the early life of Detective Jim Gordon, who will one day become police commissioner, I think it will be nice to see how everything plays out. So far so good with this one Fox Network. Now let's keep up the good work.

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