Putting aside Creepy clowns and things that go bump in the night, what really frightens us in real life?

With Halloween right around the corner, many people are flocking to haunted houses or hosting scary movie marathons with one goal in mind.. to get their spook on. People enjoy being frightened and it gives them a rush.

Isn't funny how it's not all fun and games in the real world?

We tend to run from real life fears, don't we? I don't know many people who enjoy being scared by heights or public speaking the same way they enjoy a hockey-mask-wearing, chainsaw-wielding creep chasing them through a haunted house. There are plenty of things to be afraid of in everyday life. In fact, Groupon has found the most common fears among Americans. Surprisingly ghosts and creepy clowns did not make the list.

Here are our most common fears in the real world...

10. Rejection
9. Cramped spaces
8. Bees
7. Failure
6. Public Speaking
5. Heights
4. Drowning
3. Sharks
2. Spiders
1. Snakes

Did your biggest fear make the list?

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