This is one of the most iconic Wyoming moments ever. New video shows bison migrating in front of the Tetons going over a fence like it's nothing.

This happened near Grand Teton National Park just a couple weeks ago.

Here's part of how the lady who captured the video described what she saw. I've highlighted my favorite part:

My husband and I were on a Sunday afternoon drive in my home state of Wyoming. We had just exited the gates for Grand Teton National Park and were driving back to Jackson Hole when we found ourselves in the middle of a bison migration...In all my years of living in Wyoming, I haven’t ever witnessed a bison jump.

Love that. Everyone in Wyoming should witness a bison jumping at least once.

The National Park Service website has some great information about these bison herds. They explain that the count is at nearly 5,000 after being nearly extinct a century ago. This migration is their progression toward the summer grasslands. It's truly one of the most Wyoming things you'll ever see if you're fortunate to be near that area.

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