We are fortunate to live in a state where you can encounter moments that will take your breath away. This is one of them. It's thousands of snow geese taking flight at Wyoming's Bump Sullivan Reservoir.

This video was just shared this morning. Good luck trying to count the number of birds you'll see on your screen.

If you're not familiar with this part of Wyoming, Bump Sullivan Reservoir is in the southeastern part of our state.

As Wyoming Game and Fish explains on their website, the Bump Sullivan Reservoir is a great place for fishing, hunting, camping and watching wildlife. It's not always accessible by vehicle, but it's almost always open for horse and foot travel.

All About Birds shared some neat facts about snow geese. It notes that they don't like to travel alone, but prefer big groups. That explains a lot about the video that was just shared today. That's about as big a group as you're gonna get.

Leave it to Wyoming to take a normal morning and turn it into something spectacular.

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