Anybody who knows Joe Eason knows that he's one of the coolest dudes you'll ever meet. He's mellow, always has something funny to say, gives his life to the Casper music scene, and does whatever he can to help out the community. You know, one of those dudes who you wish had a closet full of skeletons so you wouldn't feel like such a slacker.

Of course, he hangs out with like-minded people. Long time Casper music-aficionado Justin Stevens has opened his house to the Casper community for the exact same reasons listed above. Two cats that put others above themselves...only in Casper. What a helluva place to live.

Joe and Justin host random house parties to help musicians get heard, while benefiting different local charities. Saturday, February 22nd, they keep the trend rolling with a benefit show for Metro Animal Shelter. Featuring the musical talents of Zenitram, Tanner Burback, and more TBA bands, they are asking for donations for Metro Animal Control, who've asked for the following:

Any kinds of dog or cat food

Blankets or small bedding for the animals (not any big, extravagant bedding, just small stuff)

The party starts at 6pm, and will be hosted at 1615 Jim Bridger. For more information, updates, or anything else, visit their even page here