After a recent horrible experience with a chain food establishment located here in town, the question came to my attention, how do Casperites usually handle complaints with restaurants (sit down and fast food)?

If I have a great experience, I'm quick to post it in the local Facebook group, Casper Business Rants & Raves. Bad experiences however usually elicit a more direct personal response. If they have a website, I normally write out a very scathing and detailed recollection of the event, in addition to sharing the experience with anyone I know who will listen. This is further exasperated if it's not an isolated occasion. If it's a customer service issue, vice a quality of food issue, I'm more likely to speak with a supervisor immediately.

A lot of people are non-confrontational by nature though. Although they may not openly share the particulars with anyone, they still may never return to said establishment again.

So the question is:

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