Have you noticed your Facebook news feed suddenly full of people posting to "if you grew up in (whatever city) you remember..." over the past few days? It's apparently due to some testing and tweaking Facebook is doing to the news feed that gives people the ability to see what their friends are liking and commenting on in real time. I think it's a little cluttered so far, but along with all these different groups is a new group specific to Casper, with lots of people discussing old-school uniqueness that makes Casper, well, Casper. In no particular order, here's some of what they're talking about - do you remember any of these growing up here?

  • 15

    Pizza Hut's phone number. "237-8646...237-8646..."

  • 14

    When El Jarro's was the place to be on Friday & Saturday nights!

  • 13

    Driver's Ed with Mr. Zeigler.

  • 12

    Orange Julius in the mall.

  • 11

    When your elementary school principal had a paddle hanging behind his desk, and used it.

  • 10

    Going to "Trends" or "Loose Threads" in the mall.

  • 9

    "Making out" at Lookout Point.

  • 8

    Wildcatter's games at the Casper Events Center.

  • 7

    Walking to Buttrey's.

  • 6

    Spending your allowance at Aladdin's Castle at the mall, playing with the displays at KB Toys, and finishing up with a Blue Moon ice cream cone.

  • 5

    Tubing the river.

  • 4

    The "seven wonders" of Casper.

  • 3

    Riding your bike in the giant empty field behind the mall.

  • 2

    Going to the "Sizzler" on Wyoming Boulevard & C.Y.

  • 1

    Cruising C.Y. on weekends.