The founding fathers never could have predicted the issues of modern society. One hot button issue is the legality of taking a selfie while voting. The voting booth and polling place have many legal restrictions for a good reason. For example, it is illegal for a candidate to campaign at a polling place. Most of the laws are about keeping the sanctity of the polling place for a fair election. But selfies? Are they a threat?

Most people think of selfies as an act of self-expression, not something that could sway other voters' response. Some people like to keep who they vote for private. Others want to blast it on social media to all their friends. Many states have laws that make the voting booth selfie illegal. Well, what about Wyoming?

Vox Media

According to a recent article by "In these 18 States, taking a selfie with your ballot could get you arrested," the Cowboy State allows ballot box selfies. Looking at the map above, the green states there are no laws against selfies. The red states have a law that prohibits selfies at polling stations. The gray states, well, are a little gray on the area with no clear law on the subject.

As for us in the Equality State, we are in the clear if we want to share who we voted for on Facebook or Twitter. Whether you want to or not, that is a choice you will have to make on your own.