Well I got so many recommendations on places to eat and wrote them all down. Now I figured why not ask my next question to you on my visit to Denver. I go there quite a bit but am going to venture outside of the normal places for me and am looking for some cool shops, stores and boutiques.

Where is a cool store or place you have stopped in the Mile High City? I have been to the REI and the Castle Rock Outlets a lot, so looking for something else. Is there a cool trinket shop or store you've seen? Maybe they have stores we don't... well I know they do.

Visit Denver says:

Tired yet? We didn't think so–because you haven't made it to Cherry Creek yet. To call the combination of Cherry Creek North and Cherry Creek Shopping Center simply a shopping district doesn't quite do it justice. It's more of a shopping experience.

Just a 10-minute drive from downtown, Cherry Creek North is a 16-block walkable district, featuring the region's largest collection of independently owned shops, boutiques, galleries, restaurants and spas.


Not sure I can afford that but sounds fun!!



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