As we speak, Jay-Z is performing / lip-syncing his new track 'Picasso Baby' at the Pace Gallery in New York City for six whole hours.

Damn! We hope he's switching between performing and lip-syncing to save his voice... HOV's Legends of Summer tour with Justin Timberlake starts next week!

We're excited to see how this clip turns out in addition to the five others. If it's anything like HOV's previous videos, it will be visually stunning. It also appears that Jay is getting up close and personal with his fans who made the effort to come down and see his six-hour marathon.

Hey, maybe this isn't such a crazy idea after all? If Jay were to shoot a traditional video where he recorded a take, then took a break and so on and so forth, his day could be much longer than six hours. HOV is a busy man and as he stated in his own Twitter sesh, time is money!