Is Justin Bieber ready to stand trial in his Miami DUI case?

News broke over the weekend that Bieber had nixed an initial plea deal from prosecutors in his Miami DUI case, since he did not want to submit to random drug testing and because the arresting officer has a shady record.

It was said that The Biebs would consider a plea, just not the one that was offered. Now, it's reported that a plea will probably not happen and the case will head to trial.

The Biebs took issue with any plea that required a random drug test scenario or probationary terms.

Law enforcement officials close to the case told TMZ that they will not do a plea deal if the singer refuses drug testing. Neither side will budge and that means a trial looms large. (On a side note, this feels like a case of a beggar trying to be a chooser. The Biebs is really trying to write his own ticket here.)

The source is well aware of the problems with the officers and their credibility, since their accounts of the arrest -- that he smelled of booze and was driving fast -- do not line up with the facts as provided by a breathalyzer (which said Biebs blew a paltry .014) and a GPS readout (which said he was only doing 27MPH when he was said to be drag racing).

If the case goes to trial, The Biebs could be looking at three offenses: DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. He's looking at 2.5 years in jail at most, if it even got that far.

There is more Biebs news. Turns out Atlantans did not plan a protest of his possible move to their fair city. Even so, we're sure more than a few locals aren't stoked about having him as a possible neighbor, giving his history of un-neighborly, egg-tossing, spit-spewing behavior.