Break up, schmake up!

Fresh off rumors that they split every other week and only got back together this last time in order to test the waters of their relationship and see where it goes, teen power couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez enjoyed sushi at Yamato in Encino, California this weekend. Not only that, they then headed off to Japan together! The couple that samples Far East cuisine together — and then travels to the Far East together — stays together!

Hollywood Life reports that Sel even paid for their raw fish meal, too. What a modern and forward-thinking couple!

“It was a very low-key, and they didn’t have to stop for pictures or autographs,” said the source who witnessed the couple in public. The teen duo were escorted by bodyguards, as well.

It’s refreshing to see that the Biebs has some peace in his life, after his high-speed and dangerous chase with the paparazzi in L.A. last week that saw him ticketed and calling 911.

We’re also glad that all appears to be well in his relationship with Gomez. They are under constant scrutiny and that type of pressure can cause even the strongest bond to crumble. Luckily, each understands what the other is going through. At this point, we cannot even imagine Bieber without Gomez or Gomez without Bieber.

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