Kelly Clarkson recently lost weight and went blonde. Some speculated that it was to look even hotter than normal on ‘Duets,’ but some are whispering that the ‘Dark Side’ singer’s slim down is in preparation for something else: a wedding!

While Clarkson, 30, isn’t engaged, she’s expecting to be soon. The ‘American Idol‘ alum has been dating Brandon Blackstock since late last year, and she adores him so much that he actually hinders her breakup anthem songwriting. The National Enqurier reports (quotes via The Telegraph) that Kel is expecting Blackstock to pop the question pretty soon, so she wants to look as hot as humanly possible.

“Kelly’s expecting an engagement ring by late summer and to be wed by year’s end,” a source told National Enquirer (which is why we’re taking this with a grain of salt, PopCrushers!). “Sure, she wants to look great for the singing show ‘Duets,’ but the driving force behind her weight loss is the holiday nuptials.”

Clarkson reportedly loves feeling healthier and making an effort for her beau. “Kelly has been eating [well] and exercising like crazy because she wants to look good for Brandon,” the source said. “She loves to tell him that when he pops the question she’ll be at her ideal weight of 120lbs. – and ready to shop for wedding dresses.”

Here’s where it gets odd. Who actually says that? “Hey baby, when you finally propose, I’ll be X number of pounds!” Though the couple are getting serious, we don’t know if a wedding is in the cards just because Clarkson’s slimming down — though we’d be stoked for her either way!

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