An unidentified person was caught on camera stealing a bike from a local residence, according to a post on the Facebook group Casper Rants and Raves.

In the post, the bike owner's mother said, "Once again I caught someone stealing! My SONS bike!"

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It is a little red mountain bike that was left outside on Lincoln and Fifth Street, about a block away from Peaches in "the big tree neighborhood".

The theft took place at 9:25 p.m. according to the security camera.

The mother, Leticia Lee, told k2news that she was letting the neighbors try it and "forgot to put the bike away," but her son is currently out of town and will be home in a few days. "He only got to use the bike 2 times."

If they do not get the bike back they plan to have a lemonade stand in hopes to raise enough money to buy him a new one.

"He worked so incredibly hard to help buy that bike," Lee said.

In surveillance Lee shared with k2news, the bike-thief looks around before swiftly grabbing it and wheeling it around the corner.

This is not the first time the family has had a bike stolen from them.

Lee explained that a few months ago a teenager stole one of their bikes from the backyard, but they were able to get it back from a former post on Casper Rants and Raves.

Lee is planning to file a police report.

If you see or hear anything useful related to the missing bike you may contact Leticia Lee at (307) 267-2529.

Courtesy Leticia Lee
Courtesy Leticia Lee

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