Here in Casper, we have some world class musicians. In an effort to bring their skills to the masses, we've started a new concert series: "Live At Tee Roy's Desk".

Now, you may be asking yourself "Why in the hell would you have them play at your desk when you're surrounded by studios?"

We thought it would be a pretty cool concept. Bring in a musician, sit them in an office setting, and let them do their thing. This week's musician, Aquile, has come a long way since he started singing in church. Since he was already at the station doing an interview with KISS FM's DJ Nyke, I asked if he would play at my desk. Being the hep-cat he is, he graciously agreed. He played so well, I threw my underwear at him.

Don't judge me. Watch the video, then see how long YOUR underwear stay on!


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Being blessed with the combination trifecta of his uncanny writing ability, stunning vocals, and unbelievable stage presence, Aquile, born McChale “Aquile” Gunby is a rising star in the music industry.

Aquile was born in Southern California where he resided with his mother, grandmother, and two older sisters until him and his mother moved to Douglas, Wyoming when he was in the 1st grade. Wyoming presented it’s challenges as well as it’s advantages. While being the only African American in town he gained much attention and soon won the hearts and acceptance of most in the community. At a very young age Aquile started singing in church, school, talent competitions, and pretty much anywhere there were listening ears. It became clear that Aquile and music were one.

His Freshman year in high school he auditioned and made it into the senior choir. During his 4 year stint in choir he held many accomplishments that included, All State Choir, All Northwest Choir, All State Jazz Choir, and was also selected to be a soloist at the Carnegie Hall in New York City. With these accomplishments he was awarded the thrill of opening for jazz great, Kurt Elling. Aquile then went on to earn a full ride musical/theater scholarship to Casper College. This is where he wowed audiences as the lead role, Joseph, in the musical “Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Suffering a broken jaw at nineteen, this young singer picked up the guitar and began writing the music he carried around in his soul. Throughout his musical career Aquile has had many great opportunities as a solo artist such as, singing The National Anthem at Major League Baseball games, boxing matches, and even opening for the hip-hop artist Mystikal, where he sang and beat boxed. Aquile is currently the lead singer for a very talented group of musicians that go by “The Orbit Group”. They have had the amazing opportunities to open up for artists such as Karl Denson, Bad Rabbit, and the great legend, BB King.

During a street performance in Southern California, Aquile was approached by now business partner and investor, Mark Caffey, who along with Aquile shared a passion for music, which lead to the creation of the independent record label “Legend Records”. Since 2005 Aquile has been working with engineer/producer, Keith James, and the two are currently working in the studio on Aquile’s debut solo album, featuring various artists and producers from all over the nation and industry.

Aquile has performed in venues all across the nation in such places as “The House of Blues” all the way to small coffee shops where his passion for performing “live” fills the room with awe and contagious inspiration. This singer/songwriter will win your heart and leave you wanting his last note to never end!