Rapper Ludacris sat down with Billboard while at Bonnaroo over the weekend, where he detailed ‘All Around the World,’ his second collabo with Justin Bieber. The song appears on the hotly anticipated ‘Believe,’ which drops next week. Hurry! Hurry!

Luda is one of the few features on the album, so it’s certainly a special track. In Luda’s opinion, he and The Biebs are making history. He said, “This is our second time working with each other. We did the song ‘Baby’ a long time ago, which made history. We’re here to make history again with a new song, ‘All Around the World,’ that’s on Justin Bieber’s new album.”

The rapper threw props to The Biebs and his maturing musical style, which we’ve been talking about quite a bit right here on PopCrush. Luda saw The Biebs’ evolution and progress first hand, which most Beliebers would give their eyeteeth for a front row seat to. “He’s getting older, man,” Ludacris said. “He’s’ growing into the manhood stage and his records are reflecting that, so it’s a good thing.”

You know that’s right! Here’s to Ludacris and The Biebs making history again. And in case you’ve been taking up residence under a rock, ‘Believe’ drops next Tuesday, June 19. Wait for it, wait for it… now! (That was a shriek emitted by the multi-million strong Belieber nation!)

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