There has been a recent feeling on local social media posts that maybe Casper is NOT as Wyoming as it used to be, but do you agree with this stance?

For one, there seems to be a higher out-of-state presence as of late in Oil City. That could be in part to our economy doing better, which of course means the job market as a whole is improving.

Secondly, there is somewhat of a changing of the guard, so to speak. A lot of the older generations are either moving to greener (see also: warmer) pastures or passing away, which of course would give life to newer ideals.

But what does that mean for our core values? Are we changing with the times? Are we changing because of outside presence? Shouldn't we be instilling our values and way of life to outsiders instead of the other way around?

At the end of the day, what actually makes Casper "Wyoming", other than our obvious location? We're definitely more Wyoming than our Jackson conterparts, right? Heck, even Kanye choose to make Cody his home away from home. We haven't gone Hollywood yet.

So the question is:

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