A man who robbed a woman jogging under a bridge in Casper was sentenced Thursday to eight to 10 years in prison.

Natrona County District Court Judge Catherine Wilking imposed the sentence as part of a plea deal under which 32-year-old Jesus F. Rodriguez pleaded guilty to one count of robbery.

Court documents say officers met with the victim shortly after 8:15 p.m. Sunday, May 29, and the victim said a man had jumped out from under the Poplar Street bridge at First Street and grabbed her while she was jogging.

Another witness told officers that she and her family were walking their dog eastbound on the bike path and saw Rodriguez behind them. She reportedly felt like Rodriguez was following them and acting suspiciously.

The witness quickened her pace and kept looking back. She and Rodriguez were passed by the victim, who was jogging westbound, and the witness saw Rodriguez stop and look at the victim. Rodriguez then began following the victim.

The witness then went to her car and started to search for the victim to make sure she was alright.

As the victim was running beneath the bridge, she felt someone grab her from behind by her neck and shoulders. Rodriguez threw her to the ground and she fell on her stomach.

The victim tried to get up, but Rodriguez grabbed her waist and held her down. The victim screamed for help.

Rodriguez tried to pull the victim's running belt off of her, but couldn't. Then, he ran off.

Police caught up with him near First and Walnut. Rodriguez told officers he was just going for a job -- in jeans, boots, and a hat.

A breathalyzer test showed Rodriguez to have a blood-alcohol concentration of .212 at the time. He was arrested.

Rodriguez had recently been fired from his job working at the fair in town and he had a bus ticket to leave Casper May 30 on a Greyhound so he could pursue a new job with another fair company.