The lights dimmed and the familiar drum beat of Billie Jean kicked in. I couldn't help but notice that my own feet were tapping in motion and then I saw him. There he was. The dark hair. The V-neck. The socks. The too-short-pants. Michael Jackson was performing right in front of me...except for the fact that it wasn't the REAL king of pop.

That aside, everything else was fantastic. The man, whose real name is Lane something or other (it really doesn't matter, does it?) looked eerily similar to MJ. He lip synched the songs, but then again, Michael lip-synched a lot of his own songs while performing too. The dancing was where the magic really happened. As someone who has been in love (in a completely platonic way) since I was 12 years old, I was ready to tear this man apart if he didn't deliver. He did. He performed all the hits. Billie Jeam, Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal (which is my all time favorite) and some of the lesser known songs. He had dancers, smoke, videos, everything. As a kid who performed "Beat It," at his 8th grade talent show, I knew how hard it was to be able to emulate the talent that Michael had. Lane has that talent. Folks, you owe it to yourself to check him out.

He'll be performing two more times tonight at The Attic, located above the Wonder Bar. There is a 7:00 PM show which is open to all ages, meaning parents can bring their kids there for a family night out, and a 9:00 PM show which is strictly for those who are 21 and over. It's a fun show, and almost a must-see for true MJ fans. Lane will take pictures, and sign autographs, and will also find it in his heart to probably let you buy him a drink at the bar. We'll never get to see the real Michael Jackson perform again, so Lane will be as close as we ever get to seeing the King of Pop awe us one more time.

Interview with the Faux King of Pop