I have been really fortunate this year to go on some fishing trips that are priceless. Not all of them involve catching fish. Crazy to think how many fly fishing firsts I had in 2016!

I look back and have been out fly fishing a lot this last year.



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    Friends Fall Fly Fishing Trip

    This was such a fun time, with the beautiful colors. My friend Johnny and I. Plus fall fly fishing is one of the best times of year to fly fish.

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    First Time Fishing the Lower Madison

    Near Yellowstone National Park there is a confluence of water from the Madison to Ennis lake and my first time fishing that was on the lower Madison by the damn. Great water

    Charene Herrera TSM
  • 3

    First Time Fly Fishing the West-fork of the Bitterroot

    The west for of the Bitterroot river is sketchy river to guide on, you have to know what's going on at all times. While at the same time trying to help someone catch fish.

    Charene Herrera TSM
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    Floating with Jason and Abbie

    A friends float! We all tie flies together and just love it. We also got out and floated this summer. Thanks Jason!

    Charene Herrera TSM
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    Steelheading in Idaho

    The fish of 10,000 casts is now what I am changing to. Steelheading in Idaho is a popular spot to visit. I still have yet to land one of these, but will continue to try. It's a lot of dreary weather during Steelhead season so prepare.

    Charene Herrera TSM