The Natrona County Public Library unveiled their new bookmobile, just in time to resume their mobile library services.

On January 29. 2021, the NCPL introduced the community to its newest bookmobile, which includes a wheelchair lift for expanded access.

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According to a press release from the library, the mobile comes courtesy of LDV Custom Specialty Vehicles, and it features an exterior design that is an “homage to what makes our community so unique: the great outdoors.”

The new vehicle is adorned with imagery that conjures the greatest aspects of Wyoming. From elk and streams, to oil rigs and water falls – there’s even a cowboy riding his faithful steed as the sun sets behind them.

The story of the bookmobile has as many chapters as one of the tomes that they deliver.

According to the press release, that story began in the ‘80s, with the advent of the library’s very first book mobile – one which they referred to as ‘Big Blue.’ ‘Blue’ last many years and delivered many books but, in 2004, it was in need of an overhaul, according to library staffers.

In 2004, the library purchases a new bookmobile and, in 2013, that vehicle received a facelift, “with a colorful new wrap, and this is the bookmobile you’ve seen driving around town and parked in front of daycares, nursing homes, and many other local organizations over the past several years.”

To purchase the new bookmobile, the library secured funding from both Natrona County and the City of Casper through optional 1 Cent funds. The statement indicated that this new vehicle is more reliable and that it will provide an enhanced user experience, with a specialty wheelchair lift “to empower even more people to access the bus.” The bookmobile will also include snap-out shelving that will be able to serve as removable book carts. The lift is also able to allow bookmobile drivers to load and unload these carts, “creating the ability to customize collections for certain audiences and provide lobby-stop services to better meet the needs of our community.”

Library representatives stated that bookmobile services were temporarily suspended, due to COVID-19. But the deliverance of the new bookmobile in December of 2020 paved the literary way to services being restored. And they will, beginning in February. Reps said that that bookmobile is “a vital part of their outreach services, taking materials to people who might not otherwise be able to come into the library.”

Those in charge of the Natrona County Public Library stated that they have been working directly with staff at many of their regular stops, to ensure community safety as bookmobile services are resumed.

“I’m eager to get back on the road and see the patrons on my route,” said Lee Tschetter, Natrona County Library’s bookmobile driver. “Keeping everyone healthy while providing access to materials is our primary goal right now, but I’m looking forward to expanding our bookmobile services even more once it is deemed safe to do so.”

The bookmobile was unveiled to the public on January 29, and now community members are encouraged to come take pictures and see the latest chapter of the NCPL’s bookmobile. This will be yet another resource the library provides to the community and, especially, to those who are “driven to read.”

Natrona County Public Library
Natrona County Public Library
Natrona County Public Library

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