Canadian actor and martial arts specialists, Nick Bateman, has made his presence known once again in a new fan-made short film titled: Gambit - Play For Keeps.

This is Nick's second short film in the role of the charismatic X-Men known as Gambit. He has completely stepped up his game, as this short co-stars acting heavyweight, Eric Roberts, as the main villain, Nicky Lonero. The 20-minute short features appearances by other X-Men characters, including Gambit's love interest, Rogue, and also Magik. The CGI on this project is top notch as well.

Bateman's initial Gambit fan-film (shown below), was released in 2017. It was just under 4-minutes in length and has already been viewed over 2.5 million times on his YouTube channel. It starred Bateman as the lead, with the only other actor being the villain, Daken (the evil son of fellow X-man, Wolverine), played by Krzysztof Soszynski. Bateman posted the following disclaimer with the film:

This is a fan made project. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
This is not an official trailer, teaser or representation of Gambit, X-Men or its affiliates.

The 34-year old actor has been vying for an official role as the Cajun X-Men character since rumors first emerged that 20th Century Fox (now a Disney subsidiary), was eyeing Channing Tatum for the lead.

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