It's just a one year trend, but it's notable that a new Uhaul ranking shows fewer people are moving to Wyoming while more are choosing Colorado as a living destination.

This new ranking from Uhaul was just shared this week. It's based off of total moving statistics for all of 2020. Here are the top moving destinations showing growth based on their numbers:









9.North Carolina


Where is Wyoming? Way down at #33 in America for moving destinations.  By comparison, we were ranked at #26 in last year's Uhaul rankings based on this study.

It's worth noting that our neighbors in Colorado saw a big jump in the Uhaul rankings with more people calling the Centennial State home.

The bottom of the list is interesting also. It shows that California is dead last as a place where people want to call home.

The question about why Wyoming is not viewed as favorably as a moving destination isn't hard to figure out considering the massive job loss K2 reported during the past year.

As we begin a new year, it's hard not to wonder if this trend will continue or if we'll continue to expand our lead as the least-populated state in America.

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