If you're looking for some fun, local, outdoors adventures, a new video showcases a few you can do without the need for traveling too far.

The official Visit Wyoming Instagram account shared this awesome list highlighting five things to do near Casper during the summer months. Along with the video, they captioned it:

Don’t miss these five amazing places to visit around Casper! #thatswy
🎥: @andyaustinphoto

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Here's the complete list of the places name dropped in the video:

  1. Fremont Canyon, Alcova Reservoir
  2. Hell's Half Acre
  3. Casper Mountain
  4. Wagon ride on the Oregon Trail
  5. Independence Rock

We're hoping this ends up being a full fledged series from Visit Wyoming. Last week, they shared the first video, 5 Adventures Near Rock Springs. If I'm being honest, of course I'm partial to the Casper version, but there are several I  have yet to experience in both cities.

What city/town should they feature next?

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