We've seen a lot of instances in Yellowstone this year where bears and wolves clashed, but a new video shows them playing together. Yes, really playing together.

A Jackson tour group shared this video from an encounter they witnessed this past summer. It's a somewhat young black wolf playfully hanging with a couple grizzlies.

On the YouTube share, they included this insight about these two species playing nice.

Earlier this summer we witnessed some incredible social interactions between a yearling black wolf and two subadult grizzly siblings! This wasn't the first time we've seen these two species playing however.

I also found this sweet story of a rescue grizzly and wolf many years ago that became friends early on and stayed that way over the years.

I follow a lot of Yellowstone grizzly and wolf pages and can't ever recall seeing these two predators being this playful. I suppose that when they're not contending over a food source, this is more likely to happen than not.

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