It's great to have a hobby you enjoy. Some people scrapbook. My dad used to collect stamps. Many watch and/or participate in sports. As for me, I tend to spend my free time watching Wyoming web cams and this is why.

I'm not familiar with this YouTube channel. It doesn't appear that they have many subscribers so it's likely you've not seen these before. It appears they collected Wyoming trail cam video from March until now. Stick around long enough and you'll see a bear mom and cub near the end of this one. The description says this taken on the River Trail.

They also shared a wildlife trail cam located near Yellowstone National Park. Good luck counting all of the mule deer and elk in this one.

This is the perfect time to watch Wyoming trail cams as this is migration season. Wyoming Game and Fish has some helpful information about why migration of wildlife is important to all of us and areas where you're most likely to see them on the move.

Travel Wyoming also covers the best parts of our state where you can go to see these animals in their natural environment. As for me, I'll happily sit on my phone and watch the trail cams of bear, mountain lions and elk doing their thing.

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