Be on the lookout ... The night before Thanksgiving is the biggest night of the year for underage drinking.

While people assume underage drinking is a big deal at prom and graduation celebrations, a recent study showed that underage drinking most frequently occurs on the night before Thanksgiving.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Kids have access to booze because their older siblings and college-age friends are home for the holidays. Refrigerators are also stocked with alcohol for family parties.

Kids also have tons of time to get at it because school is out.

And, there's a lot of adult modeling going on. Parents are more likely to drink at this time of year, setting an example for kids.

Over To You:

When you were a kid, when were you -- if ever -- most likely to sneak some booze from your parents' liquor cabinet?

If you have teenaged kids, how much policing do you have to do to keep them from getting at your stash of alcohol? Do you conduct inventories? Do you make them blow in a breathalyzer?