So far, of the 14 coronavirus cases in Natrona County, no one has been hospitalized — but that will eventually change.

That's according to Natrona County Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Dowell.

During a press conference Wednesday, Dowell said the reported cases in Natrona County are "recovering in some way," but that can be misleading. Inevitably, someone will become seriously ill.

"Sooner or later, based on national and local projections, we will get someone who is quite ill," Dowell said. "Someone will get ill and hospitalized and we're ready for that.

"But the news so far is quite good."

Dowell said Natrona County is at the beginning of the coronavirus. Area health officials predict a rapid increase in cases over the next three to four weeks

Natrona County may "flatten the curve" in May or early May, Dowell said.

This story will be updated. 

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