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It's the latest trend, and it's one that not everyone is okay with.

Do a photo drop of the last 21 pics on your phone.

What's a photo drop?

It's where you share a bunch of pictures in one post on your social media accounts.

It's amazing how many people refuse to take part in this trend.

Some people say it's because not all of their pictures are for public consumption (we likely don't want to see those either) and still others don't feel comfortable putting out all the randomness and unfiltered pictures.

Some of you may not know that well before I began this #radiolife I created a blog called PrairieWifeInHeels.com. I actually STILL post twice a week on my blog and have several social media accounts where I post daily.

So, for me to share publicly what I've been up to wasn't intimidating.

Also, I have 5 kids that are constantly using my phone for this or that, so trust me when I say there are NO XXX pics on there that I had to worry about anyone seeing.

I often go through and delete pics and videos after I post them to help save space on my phone, so there were some pictures that I didn't feel I should share because they weren't still in my saved pictures...I hope that's not cheating?

Also, I know that many of you have no idea what I look like, or my kids, or my husband (Mr. Prairie Wife) so I hope you aren't too disappointed with the reality of what we look like.

Photo Drop Time: A Look At Prairie Wife's Last 21 Pics

It's a new trend, that not everyone feels comfortable with. Share the last 21 pics on your phone. Prairie Wife decided that she had nothing to hide...take a look.

So what do you think?

I apologize for all the puppy pictures, but what can I say, Captain is just SO darn photogenic.

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