We know, you already marvel at Adele‘s beauty as a curvy, thick-haired, gorgeous-faced adult. But did you ever wonder what the ‘Someone Like You’ singer looked like as a toddler? Turns out she was cute as a freakin’ button.

A photo of the English rose as a toddler has surfaced on line and she is so adorbs that we cannot even stand it.

Adele is precious, thanks to her girlish bangs and those shoulder-length curls, but how about that look she is shooting the camera? That’s diva-in-training right there. She was a sassy gal even as a tyke.

Notice that she’s playing a plastic guitar, too. Is that a hint of what would to come? Sure, she’s not a rocker or playing an instrument, but she is the toast of the music world and it is an instrument unto itself.

Those acid-wash jeans scream late ’80s, too. While Adele mostly dresses in black attire nowadays, she wasn’t afraid of color as a kid, sporting that tangerine top and those green kicks. Well, make that her mother was not afraid to dress her in color. Overall, though, Adele had cute kid style.

She looks like the type of little girl you’d love to babysit!