It's summer time, which means it's a great time to cool down with some good ole soft serve. Dairy Queen has two convenient locations in Casper, so no matter what side of town you live on, you're never too far away from some tasty treats. That being said, I've noticed both of ours have some pretty horrendous traffic.

To be completely transparent, I blame the COVID-19 pandemic for 99.99% of the traffic issues. With a lot of our restaurants having their dinning areas closed because of the coronavirus, that means a lot more of their traffic is drive-thru only.

Let's start with the 2nd street location. There is often (see also: daily) lines all the way out to the street. While that is dangerous enough on a busy main street, more times than not, there are folks being careless with their driving. I have seen so many instances of vehicles swerving in and out of traffic because the right lane is at a complete stop, on some occasions all the way down to the intersection of 2nd Street and Walsh. Another issue is vehicles are prohibited from turning left leaving the restaurant, but cars often ignore this, which causes even more traffic and occasionally accidents.

The Poplar Street location, while not as bad for lines being out in the street, has a different issue. It is very difficult to exit the restaurant, especially when turning left. There definitely needs to be a left turn signal there. I have personally sat at the light for several minutes trying to leave safely. This impedes their lines and ultimately bogs up their drive-thru traffic even more.

So the question is:

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