It's not really that surprising. It's the day before Christmas eve and, if the rest of the town is anything like us, there's still a few last-minute Christmas presents that still need to get got.

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Because of this, 2nd Street in Casper is backed up from Wyoming Boulevard all the way to Country Club Road and beyond.

It's something of a madhouse. Traffic resembles that of I-25 in Denver, instead of our typical, simple, Casper roads. But there are gifts to be purchased, food to be delivered, and more.

A man named Dean Lamb wrote a post on Casper Classifieds, letting the community know about the traffic jam. When asked if there was a wreck, Lamb affirmed in the negative. There's just that many people trying to get to the mall and/or Wal-Mart.


"It was crazy!" one user commented. "I really expected there to be a wreck somewhere. When I was out there earlier, it was backed up from Country Club to past the mall."

Tiffany Walsh, a driver who snapped a picture of the madness, said that while it's annoying, it's also to be expected.

"It's kinda frustrating, but it's last minute shoppers is what I believe," she said.

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Walsh
Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Walsh

Traffic has been backed up for the last 20 minutes, with no signs of slowing.

"I kept getting honked at for stopping at green lights because I didn't want to block the intersection because of the traffic," another commenter posted.

The weather in Casper has been extremely cold this week, with a 70-degree temperature drop happening over Wednesday and into Thursday. It's quite possible that the weather kept many people home and, now that it's warmed up a little bit, people are getting those last minute items they needed before Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

"It's a disaster," said Erin Kaley, another driver who posted a photo. "EVERYONE is out today and most have apparently forgotten how to drive."

Photo Courtesy of Erin Kaley
Photo Courtesy of Erin Kaley

While traffic jams can undoubtedly be frustrating, it's important to remember that it is Christmas so maybe before honking that horn or sticking your finger out the window, remember that people are just trying to get gifts and food for their own families. And, like in 2020, we're all in this together.

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