In the article, Good used data found in this study to share the information that men are likely to get increasingly stressed the more money their partner makes.

Men become "increasingly stressed" if their wives earn more than 40 percent of the household income. And that stress peaks if husbands find themselves "economically dependent" on their partners.

Taking a closer look I saw that they interviewed 6,000 heterosexual couples over a span of 15 this is a pretty legit study.

It turns out that men were totally fine with their wives earning up to 40% of the household income (it even shows that this level increases overall happiness) but that the more their spouses chip away at that percentage the unhappier the men get.

As someone who was a SAHM for over a decade and 100% dependant on my husband to provide everything that my children and I needed, I find this interesting. It wasn't a problem for me that my husband made all the money, because he and I both felt at home with the kids and handling ALL that goes along with it, was the right place for me to be.

I asked a few of my male friends what they thought about this and here is one quote I found that was particularly interesting.

"My woman earns more than me. It doesn't bother me at all. She also doesn't throw it in my face either."

So he's fine with her making more money than long as she doesn't talk about it.

Also, let's be honest, I think it has much less to do with how much money is being made and more about how valued each partner feels.

And as this article mentions, the male ego can be a bit touchy...

So I thought we would open it up to you with an anonymous poll.

First a question for the guys.

And now, a question for the ladies

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