A Northern Arapaho boy who died attending a government-run boarding school in Pennsylvania about 135 years ago will be returned to a Wyoming reservation.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports 10-year-old Little Plume, also called Hayes Vanderbilt, will be exhumed Thursday and returned to the Wind River Reservation.

Little Plume was one of three boys who died at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

He was to be reburied in Wyoming last year, but archaeologists for the Army National Military Cemeteries could not identify his remains.

The Army says new information and research led to the verification of the remains.

Little Plume attended the school founded by an Army officer that forced students to cut their braids, dress in uniforms, speak English and adopt European names. A circa 1900 photo from the Getty Archives says, "It was a boarding school dedicated to 'kill the Indian and save the man' by helping Native Americans to integrate into modern society."

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