Why no one has ever thought of this before is beyond belief. As a matter of fact, I was somewhat jealous that I had never thought of this first. Regardless, this has to be the coolest, most awesome way to have some outdoor winter fun in Wyoming.

A Riverton woman, Nichole Kilgore, took a short video of her toddler son being pulled on a sled by a RC Truck. Now this is no ordinary remote controlled vehicle that was easily pulling the child along. This was done using a Traxxas X-maxx 8S.

Having never heard of this beast before, I had to do my research. I was shocked to see the $949.99 price tag! I mean after all, it's just a toy. I've had real cars that either didn't cost that much or just weren't worth anything near that. Apparently, the X-maxx 8S is the Lamborghini of the RC world.

Considering the amount of joy the child seemed to be having, maybe you really can't put a price tag on happiness.

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