When I was younger, I couldn't wait for the newest Mad Magazine to hit the newsstands. I remember reading Spy vs. Spy as soon as I'd open the magazine's crisp new pages. Then, against my mothers stern warnings, I would read it from cover to cover. I would read and laugh, until I just about had each issue memorized. (It might explain my twisted sense of humor.) ---- Then "IT" happened!

Sitting on my couch in February watching the American Idol auditions on FOX, I saw "him" for the first time. It was during the Nashville auditions and I instantly thought to myself - Really?

Then I said it out loud -" OMG, that Scotty kid, looks like Alfred E. Neumann".

As I sat there watching Scotty on my TV, I couldn't help but remember all of the good times I had and many vivid memories came flashing before my eyes - but it was Scotty McCreery, or was it? You might not see it, but I think Scotty looks like a real life - A.E. Neuman.

Take a look and you decide for yourself!

Even if Scotty McCreery gets eliminated and doesn't win American Idol, I'm rooting for him! And either way, I believe Scotty will have a long and successful career. But, if his career doesn't succeed as a singer, I'm certain he could make a career passing himself as Alfred E. Neuman, maybe on Saturday Night Live or the late night talk shows, OR maybe he could make a name for himself in the live Broadway musical of "Mad Magazine"?

What are your thoughts? Do Scotty and Mad Magazine's - A.E. Neumann really look alike or am I just reliving childhood memories?