Oregon legislature just passed a bill making it unlawful to smoke in a vehicle with children present.  The bill is now sitting on the desk of Gov. John Kitzhaber awaiting signing.  Should Wyoming pass a similar law?

Smoking in Wyoming, especially Casper, has been a hot button issue for some time now. In September of 2012 a ban on smoking in public buildings was put into place in Casper.  Now a revision to that smoking ban is being considered.  There is currently no law in Wyoming regarding smoking in vehicles.  The Oregon bill will allow police to ticket smokers if they were pulled over for another offense. The violation would cost $250 for the first offense and $500 for subsequent offenses.  Some critics of the bill express the fact that this offense is only secondary and should be primary.  Meaning that police would be able to pull over cars for this specific offense.  Critics also point out the infringement on the rights of the motorist.  Some say a bill like this will lead to more encroachment on personal freedoms.

It seems common sense to not smoke out children sitting in the backseat of a car.  But this wouldn't be the first time a bill was passed to compensate for the lack of common sense.  The dangers of second hand smoke for children have been well established by health officials.  I am neither advocating nor denying the need for a bill such as this.  However; a bill such as this seems around the corner and the next step in the fight against smoking.  Let me hear your thoughts on the matter.  Would you support or oppose a bill in Wyoming making it unlawful to smoke in a vehicle with children present?  Take the poll and leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions.