It always blows my mind the things people come up with and then proceed to upload to Youtube.  I'm shocked, and then pissed that I didn't think of it first. Case in point: My drunk kitchen. This effing adorable girl named Hannah Hart gets drunk and cooks. That's all. That's the video. But somehow this chick has become the newest Youtube sensation. Chalk it up to her cute awkwardness, her sparkling personality, or the fact that we all just like to see people get drunk. Whatever it is, sister is rockin' it. She's hilarious, and did I mention a total babe? In a geeky, hipster kinda way. Anyway, she produced a song and a music video with a fellow Youtube channeler entitled 'Show Me Where Ya Noms At,' which is an ode to to their love of food. So hey, if @Harto loves food, she's ok with me!


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