Natrona County is changing the way it sends emergency and severe weather alerts to you, and it requires you to contact the county if you wish to receive these messages, according to a news release.

"It is important that we collect this contact information because many households no longer utilize traditional land-based telephone lines," according to the news release.

The new AlertSense system replaces the Code Red Program, and the change has been in the works for years, Natrona County Emergency Management coordinator Stacia Hill said.

"We just believe this is just a better product for our community," Hill said.

The new emergency alert system could be related to specific hazards that require some kind of action be taken such as evacuation, shelter in place, boil water orders, and other safety issues.

It also could be used to include significant transportation problems with prolonged impacts or significant ongoing police or fire activity.

The system will not be used for routine information.

Besides receiving information on your wireless device, you may also receive notifications -- depending on the type of incident or event -- if you have a land telephone line.

To enroll in the AlertSense system, visit the Natrona County's website and follow the instructions.

The Code Red system will go inactive on Jan. 20, and county residents are encouraged to sign up before that. But people can still enroll with AlertSense after that, Hill said.

Provide your address and preferred method(s) of contact. Adding your address is required and will allow emergency managers to tailor the messages so you do not receive alerts that don’t pertain to your geographical area.

The county provides the alerts free of charge, however standard text messaging rates and other charges may apply.

If you wish to subscribe to SMS text messages only, text your zip code to 38276.  There is also a mobile app available.

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