There are advantages to modern. We've come such a long way in safety, comfort, traction, and even fuel efficiency.

But the old classics still have their advantages. For one thing, there was less to go wrong and what did go wrong was easy and affordable to fix.

Besides, as good looking as those new SUV's are, there is just something about that old classic style that makes heads turn when one comes down the road. That, and we all love to hear the rumble of those old engines.

So which camp are you in? Classic or Modern?

That's the Jeep Wagoneer in the photo above. It sat lower than any other 4WD and had a smooth ride. It had one of the first independent front suspensions (combined with 4WD). They were available with overhead cam inline six-cylinder, but V-8. In 1978 you cold get one for around $20,000. That was an expensive vehicle back then.

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The early Ford Bronco arrived in the mid-1960s. The Bronco was built for rough roads and no roads. Ford's coil-sprung, solid-axle design was smooth-riding and could take a beating. Broncos were available as roadsters, half-cab pickups, and a wagon with a removable hardtop.

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It was said that the Range Rover redefined what a luxury 4x4 should be. These were great vehicles both on and off the road. Like other SUV's they were expensive. $30,000 new. But they would last such a long time they were worth the price.

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Mercedes-Benz G-class. Introduced in 1979. I think the photo above says it all. Let's move on.

VW PICS/Universal Images Group v

The Toyota Land Cruisers are classic old rugged vehicles that are still exploring the most remote regions of the world today. There is a reason they are still out there. They just won't quit.

So while no one will fault someone for wanting to buy something new, with all the modern amenities - but don't we all still love something that actually looks better dented, scratched and dirty?

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