I am a germaphobe. I've been one for a long time, which is to say, I've been one for a good two decades before the coronavirus was ever a thing. That means chronic hand washing and hand sanitizing is nothing new to me. Matter of fact, I also never touched door knob and light switches in public and even at home, I use disinfecting wipes on nearly every surface. Since COVID-19 reached the pandemic level though, I have noticed people are washing their hands more frequently and the correct way (since the CDC has correctly schooled the masses). While the hand washing is awesome, the other side effect I've noticed locally is our public restrooms are better. Now this is strictly from a male perspective, so ladies you'll need to sound off and let us know if your's are better shape as well. I've noticed positive changes all across the board. For example:

  • There are hand sanitizing stations prior to entering the bathrooms.
  • There is always soap in the soap dispensers.
  • There are always paper towels in the paper towel dispensers.
  • There is always toilet paper in the toilet paper dispensers.
  • The general cleanliness of public bathrooms is better.

While I'm 100% sure this has a lot to do with businesses wanting to remain open, as the coronavirus has no doubt hurt a lot places financially, like stores, restaurants and bars, but the fear of spreading germs has made men (specifically) more aware of hygiene. So the questions is:

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