It has been almost a week since the attacks on Paris. I can only offer empathy, sympathy and prayers for all that were unfortunately involved.This is certainly not time for me to be on the social networks. The President is taking a beating over the Syrian Refugees and other world problems. Some Governors have declared they will not accept the refugees into their states.
Governor Mead has had an outpouring of constituents who, DO NOT WANT REFUGEES ALLOWED INTO THE COWBOY STATE. Can we be sure they're not already here?
I can't say the fear, and that's what it is, fear of the unknown isn't prevalent. However, I'm very well aware what happens when you paint a whole race of people with a broad brush, due to the actions of a few.
All that being said, I think we need to slowdown, relax and take a really good look at the paranoia and hyperbole that some are spreading.
Trevor Noah and Roy Wood Jr. put the spotlight on my home state and it's not a good picture.
Watch the video and reflect on what these guys are attempting to get across.

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