Oh Wyoming, thank you for reminding me of why I live here.

See, I’m careless some days. And on some nights I am even more so when I am recovering from a crazy head cold after a long day of work. So I do stupid things.

This morning I woke up to looking for the normal routine. Get dressed, brush teeth, run out the door to work. But when I finally got outside I found my modest green $5 wallet today wedged in my door handle of my car.

It fell out of my pocket last night while heading into my apartment. It was late and I was exhausted from illness and work, so I didn’t notice that the wallet wasn't on me.

Low and behold, this morning it was there lodged in my car door handle. I checked the contents and important stuff was still there including $70 in cash aka my electricity payment.

This is why I live in this state.

My apartment complex has a variety of people from all types of cultures and backgrounds, but this morning I was reminded that they are Wyoming folks trying to get by just like I am.

The person who returned my wallet didn’t about my opinion on gun control or the Affordable Care Act. They also didn’t leave a note or want any kudos. They didn’t take any of the cash for a finder’s fee even though my complex has many people on fixed or limited incomes.

Whoever found my wallet probably just wanted me to be relieved in the morning. And I was.

Thank you fellow Wyomingite.