An ice cold beer sure does sound good on a hot day, right?

With Memorial Day weekend in the past, the summer season is officially here. With it comes many things we love about the warmer months like sunshine, anything off the grill and an ice cold beverage. That beverage may very well be a beer brewed specifically for the summertime.

Were you thinking that?

If so, you are right on board with Popular Mechanics. The publication recently posted their list of "The United States of Beer: The Best Summertime Brew from Every State." I'm sure the research that went into this list was both delicious and entertaining.

Wyoming's top beer is Melvin Heyzeus Mexican-Style Lager.

They raved about its elevated corn and honey flavors, making sure to mention that this is a summer style in the world of craft beer. Popular Mechanics also listed a few brews that received "Honorable Mention." Those were Snake River See You in Helles and Freedom's Edge High Noon Chili Pepper Ale.

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