If you think you've had it bad in 2020 so far, you are not alone.

A new viral video posted to Twitter by Fred Schultz, shows a guy attempting to ride his bicycle on a seemingly shallow stream. One thing leads to another and the innocent travel plans turn sour very quickly. Schultz captioned the video:

What could possibly go wrong, it’s just a little stream...Oh crap!

Because of the laughter of the man recording the video, we can assume the rider is fine. We're not so sure about his bike though. While we're pretty sure the rider wasn't injured (beyond his pride anyhow), the bicycle went down first. Add in the current and its weight, that could be a few hundred bucks flushed down the proverbial toilet.

Regardless, we feel for this man. This is the perfect metaphor for how 2020 has treated us all so far this year.

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