As a parent, some of our best laid plans don't always turn out quite the way we had originally hoped. Thus is the case with this dad setting up a Nerf rocket outside for his children.

If you have never seen these before, it's a soft Nerf rocket that is propelled by air. Basically, you step on a trigger that blows air into the rocket and propels it forward. It's very simple and easy to set up and is fun for the entire family... unless you have a child that jumps the countdown a tad early.

A new viral video posted to Twitter by Best Videos shows what happens when a father catches said rocket in the "no-no zone".

In the video, as soon as the father has the rocket ready, he prepares to move, but not before his toddler daughter stomps on the foot trigger, sending the rocket at high speed into his groin. Now I know what you're think: "Nerf toys are soft to protect children from seriously hurting themselves", which is true, but having an air propelled rocket hit you square in the nether-region, at the apex of its launch, is sure to be painful.

As the hilarious slow motion video shows, the dad went down immediately, while his heir-apparent looked on with pride as she laughed maniacally. She definitely was not sorry she dropped her father like a bad habit.

I can't lie, I've watched the video numerous times and laughed out loud each one. I must admit however, it's only funny when it's not happening to you. Having been on the receiving end of multiple Nerf groin shots in my parenting journey, I honestly sympathize.

At least he already has progeny, because after that impact, he might not be able to have any more.

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